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Ways to Experience Sex Without Doing It For Real

Most of the people only know about penetration during sex. However, there are other ways through which you can be able to enjoy the sexual experience without having coitus. If you would not want to have a baby after the sex. Then instead of having coitus, you can try other foreplay to enjoy the sexual pleasure with your romantic partner. If you are not having any contraceptive, it is better to avoid having coitus. While there are still some chances that contraceptive will also not help you, as contraceptive can be effective up to 99% only. There is still a 1% chance that contraceptive will not help you.

Here are shown some ways using which you can experience the sex without doing it for real.

Make-out like teenagers

 While you are young and afraid of getting pregnant, then instead of penetration of your teen pussy, you can try other sex foreplay for enjoying sex. As you can make out with your partner without having coitus. At a young age, you have so much energy, which you utilize in your make-out experience to enhance intimacy with your partner.

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Great with hand jobs

Surely, you can enjoy the experience of intimacy with your partner without having intercourse. Since you can try hand job foreplay to give sexual pleasure to your partner. Instead of masturbating yourself, you could experience more pleasure while having hand job with your romantic partner. As you can experience the feeling of having sex, without having it for real.

Blowjob seems more real

If you are satisfied with the hand job experience, then you can try blowjob as well. In this way, you can experience the pleasurable experience while having oral sex with your partner. While you need to be careful about the infection as well. You can use preventive lubes for oral sex or you can take medication to avoid any infection problems also.

Kissing is unforgettable

The best way to be intimate with your romantic partner is kissing. While kissing you can feel the intimacy and the feeling of romance. This will help you to enhance your sexual experience.


Focusing on the sensual part

Our body has certain parts where we are more vulnerable. While having the touch on such part, we can be able to feel the pleasurable experience. If you would focus on such parts then you could be able to feel the orgasmic experience without having sex.

By following the several ways shown in this article, you can be able to feel the sexual pleasure without having coitus with you sex partner.

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