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Sexy Letter – A Love Note to My Man

I am so enamored with my dear sweet spouse; what an uncommon blessing God has offered to me. Sacred writings say spouses are blessings from the Lord; yet I am the one skilled to have my man!

I am in tears composing this note, tears of delight and thanksgiving for the magnificence, closeness, trust and yes, energetic warmth of conjugal sex. No, I am not a Cindy Crawford or Scarlet Johansen; yet my man venerates me! He cherishes me for my identity. I adulate God for how he wired men and distinctive in an unexpected way. I adore how my bends and non-abrasiveness compliment by spouse’s hardness and sturdiness.

He has sweet darker eyes and an adorable grin. A medium constitution with remarkable legs (he is a sprinter). I cherish watching him stroll over the room in shorts and wondering about the meaning of his thighs and calves. Restricted hips and simply the perfect measure of hair (all around). He has a tight firm adorable little ass in spite of being more than 6 feet tall and more than 200 pounds. However he is exceptionally delicate and fragile with me, his sensitive little blossom. (but when he is fucking my brains out!)

Did I say his wonderful cockerel? What a device my man has. His head is cut pleasantly and I want to suck on it like my own lolli and feel it against my mouth, down my throat and obviously, settled inside my tight welcoming pussy. Not that size issues, he is around 7 inches and knows how to utilize it. He can pound me like a horny mariner and violate me like a prostitute; or he can go gradual giving me a chance to ride his thick masculinity through a great many orgasms previously he at last shoots his cream. He shaves his balls however not his cockerel. I adore how his nutz feel and taste inside my mouth and when they slap against my bear ass as we fuck. Furthermore, the sound of us mating like creatures is so sensual—our hot blaze slapping together with our juices consolidating; investigating the mirrors and seeing us laced, joined by our common shaggy groins, associated the way God proposed.

I am so honored; only seeing me completing a basic undertaking as changing into jammies or changing my pullover turns him on. He cherishes my titties! I want to demonstrate them to him and let him work them for me. Also how he controls my areolas with his mouth and master fingers. My man can plays with my titties as long as he needs—as long as he lets me cum while he is doing it! I wish my butt was littler yet he reveres it. “The greater the pad the better the pushin” he gets a kick out of the chance to remind me. I am his and he is mine.

I adore when we are distant from everyone else together and I stroll around the house bare. His eyes watching me truly makes me soggy and feel uncommon. The influence of my bosoms, while overwhelming and harming my back and neck on occasion, is well justified, despite all the trouble. I particularly appreciate astonishing him while he is on the lounge chair perusing or sitting in front of the TV. I endeavor to time it so I play with my pussy in the other room making it pleasant and damp, at that point I stroll up bare behind him and brush my sparkling cushioned shrub right in his face. Or on the other hand I brush his stubble with my blunder and continue strolling so he can watch my can shake as I stroll to the kitchen. At times I will confront the TV standing naked and twist around with my back to him putting on a show to search for a dropped contact lense so he can appreciate the conveniently trimmed woodland between my legs.

It’s such a respect, to the point that he has changed my body with his organ. His huge dick has detonated endless circumstances inside me throughout the years and talented us with 2 kids. I love the power his seed had within me to realize such a significant number of changes to my body, and to make new life inside my womb. I value at whatever point he discharges into me.

Now and again amid our hot fuck sessions after I have peaked various circumstances and he is close blast, I am torn between him shooting into my twat or shooting everywhere on my lips or down my throat. His hot cream tastes so great on occasion I beseech him to “encourage me.” I adore feeling it shoot into my mouth, the ropy smooth strands blended with my spit; at that point gulping it down. I taste him for quite a long time a short time later. Truly, I am his little cocksucker and exceptionally glad for it.

As he enters me and sticks his finger into my butt, I about lose it. His weight over me; his masculinity extending me and his balls smacking my rear end, his mouth on mine and our own hands got a handle on together in the meantime with my legs wrapped around his abdomen—I feel so warm and safe, so associated and secured. I am giving myself completely to my man and he is giving himself completely to his lady of the hour. What a tremendous blessing

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