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How To Boost Your Arousal During Intercourse

It feels quite bad when you are ready for having intercourse with your partner but you are not able to maintain their arousal for a long time. It causes huge disappointment in your partner mood also. There are plenty of drugs and medication process to enhance the sexual performance while the need to be careful while using such drugs and use only prescribed and quality drugs which can provide you arousal for a long time in your bed like Kamagra oral jelly which comes in different flavors and shows instant changes in the body. It makes the blood vessels to flow vigorously in the body and gives the long lasting result to make your sexual life more enjoyable. But only medication is not going to help you for a long time you also need to maintain your body fitness. Here are some tips which will help you to boost your sex drive.

Eat healthy fruits and veggies

Eating healthy and nutritious food can make you grow old a bit slower and also helps to maintain the blood circulation inside the body.

Onion and garlic are considered as the best for increasing the blood circulation in the body.

Having potassium source banana in the diet helps the body to maintain blood pressure level in the body and also

Chilies and peppers have similar properties as garlic and reduce hypertension and inflammation inside the body.

kamagra -oral- jelly
kamagra oral jelly

Reduce your stress

Stress is one of the reasons for all the health related problems and also the reason for low libido in the body. Stress cause heart-related problems and also causes high blood pressure problems which also causes the reduction of sexual drive and arousal and ultimately the couple starts to lose interest in the physical relationship with each other. Exercising and doing creative activities can help you to reduce your stress level and also helps to increase libido in your body.

Be more active

The best means to stay long arousal in the bed is to be more active in your daily routine life and also helps your increase your hormonal activity (Increase in Testosterone) which causes libido in your body. It is important to do daily exercises to improve body fitness which will help you to have a more active lifestyle.


Masturbation is also the process which can increase your arousal for a longer time if it is done properly. However, it has detrimental effects and overdoing may decrease the arousal and you cannot be able to have pleasure while doing intercourse.

kamagra -oral- jelly

Above ways are some of the most simple but effective methods which you can adapt in your lifestyle and have a more pleasurable time in bed with your partner. You can also use prescribed drugs which increases the longitivity of arousal time, but you should use such type of drugs carefully because overdose of it may cause blood pressure problem and swelling of the penis for long time. It is better to take precaution use these medicines according to the prescription of the physicians.

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